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Ugly Soap

Ugly Soap

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Everybody makes mistakes! Only this time, you get to benefit from mine. 

These soaps aren't pretty, but they still smell fantastic and get you clean all the same. 

We have different ugly soaps available all the time, so we will try to update the drop-down bar when we have a lot of a specific fragrance. If it doesn't matter to you what fragrance you receive, choose "Pick For Me!"

Each 5 oz bar was handmade and hand cut, so slight variations in size, shape, and color may occur. 

This soap was handmade in West Virginia, USA. 


At Ole Tradition Soap Co., we use the highest quality ingredients to make sure you get the highest quality products. Each product is extensively tested by our team, so we can make sure we really love everything we bring to you. We’re confident you’ll love it too.